Am so much worried of how mean you are that I can’t find the guts to start by greeting you. Anyway I know you are never good and that I expect. Or is there because am yet to find it. For the last 10 years I have been faithful to you but what do you pay me with? Ooh is it the debts I have or the enemies you have awarded me not forgetting the unending scars from the injuries I acquire after every encounter with you. I am very devoted to you every time. I give my time and resources just to be with you, a few minutes after you take control of the whole body yet only the mouth was responsible. Why are you so selfish? Mostly I go with my friends to your office we are very joyful and after consuming your friend a delicious plate of meat, we welcome you to our table. You are very friendly but conniving. At first you are very sweet and enjoyable. We chart a lot and are very lively mostly if we are watching a game of football. We enjoy a lot and as we take you the more you become interesting and we ask for more and more. You have no respect for time or money cursed is you. I wake up every day at 5 in the morning to prepare and report to work by seven. I have to trek for more than 30 minutes to my work place. I spend the whole day carrying stones in the construction site not mentioning the insults hauled at me every minute by my manager who gives me no time even to breath. Not mentioning the injuries stones inflict on me as I carry them daily. By the end of the day after all my expenses I go home with only 150. On Sunday, I have about 900 but to you that a lot of money for one day. Combining with what my friends have, we get enough for the day. Am not the best paid so I cannot take the best quality you have. This means I am the target for those culprits who make you illegally just to enrich themselves from you. It just takes a few minutes to realize I have nothing left in my pocket and the best you can do to console me is taking you on a loan which of course I will pay dearly. What do you have since every time I taste you I cannot control myself and I keep on wanting every bit of you. Most of the time I don’t know how I arrive home but I wake up only to find myself with injuries, hangovers and head aching. God what did I do as my mind is bland and my memory gone. This didn’t end well of course. So I get my phone to call my friends and inquire what really went down. To my surprise my phone is gone all thanks to you my friend. The only things I hear are stories of how we fought even some times with my friends. It’s a Monday morning and I don’t feel like reporting to work but remembering I need to pay the debts you wholeheartedly presented me I have to report. What wrong did I ever do to you? Have I disobeyed you in any way. Why do you treat me in such away? For sure “Asante ya punda ni mateke”. That’s all you give to me all the time I befriend you. You are so unfaithful. I heard what you did to my friends all over Kenya mostly in Embu killing over 100 fellow through you relative ‘Country Man’. Those who are survived cannot recognize day and night you blinded them all mercilessly. Please have the gut and lets us part ways peacefully please.


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