Instilling good morals to children


 An incident in the morning made my heart worry where we are really heading to. By this I mean morally since it seems everyone is free to do whatever he or she wishes and has no one to fear or shy from. This is cutting across all ages not choosing any gender or even class. The mostly affected though to be the lower class living in the semi urban and rural areas across the country. We were boarding a matatu when this man of early 30s carrying a young boy of about 8yrs entered the vehicle. Shortly a far we heard a woman shouting and hauling insult to the man who we came to realize later was the husband. They seemed to be in a nasty mood but what really bothered me was the atrocity they had hauling insults to each other in front of us and their young son. The young boy was from hospital and had his lower lip bandaged which obviously must have been from their presumed numerous fights in their home. The worst thing a couple can do is to quarrel in front of their children despite the cause of their argument. Parents should be mature enough to keep it cool under any circumstances never to fight or return any abusive words in their children’s presence. After a few years the young boy will be a father and a husband and a psychology states young minds tends to get what they see and experience more than what they are being told. mostly we tend to wonder why our children grow up to being far from what we taught them and we become frustrated blaming them not looking deep into our life’s which in fact is the real reason for that cause. When parents have a quarrel, which is normal in a marriage, the big question is not why they have it but how they handle it even more in their children’s company. They marriage problems we have today are as a result of what we saw our parents do and since we trust them we tend to assume they are correct. They will also treat and want to behave as they have experienced in their growth. They duo continued with their quarrels even after boarding the car and had no respect for the people in the matatu. It had to take serious intervention of the driver and the passengers to calm them down after sensing danger in what would traverse to a war. We could feel the emotions in them and smelled a fight would erupt soon. The wife was ready and steady to combat any attack from his man as it appeared he was used to the fights. This is a challenge to everyone, respect everyone’s space. Parents are warned, children learn more from what they see and experience rather than what you just tell them. The understanding of what they go through is usually kept in mind more than what you keep on telling them yet you do not practice. According to a counselor Elizabeth he advises parents on being a role model. She states ”Young kids are like sponges, they notice everything. As parents we are our children’s first role model. Pay attention to what you say or do around them and think about what kind of example you are making. Want to teach kids about charity? Get involved and take your kids with you to a soup kitchen or homeless shelter and help serve up meals. Explain to them why you do acts of charity so they understand why they should. Teach kids about chores by setting a schedule and having them help you out. Don’t tell your child to do something, but ask for their help. The earlier they learn to help you, the longer they will be willing to. Want your kids to listen to you? Show them you can listen to them. If you want your son or daughter to learn to share, set a good example and share your things with2 Give up your vices. Gambling, alcohol and drugs can jeopardize your child’s financial security. Smoking, for example, almost always introduces health hazards to your child’s environment. Second-hand smoke has been linked to several respiratory ailments in children. It could also contribute to the early death of a parent. Alcohol and drugs might also introduce health hazards or violence to your child’s environment. Helping them feel safe: Respect their privacy as you would want them to respect yours; for example, if you teach your child that your room is out of boundaries to them, respect the same with their room. Allow them to feel that once they enter their room they can know that no one will look through their drawers, or read their diary. Let your child live his/her life and let them make their own choices in life. Instill in them, a sense of belonging by displaying individual and family portraits on the walls of the house. Don’t argue with your spouse in front of the children. If they are sleeping, argue quietly. Children may feel insecure and fearful when they hear parents bickering. In addition, children will learn to argue with each other the same way they hear their parents argue with each other. Show them that when people disagree, they can discuss their differences peacefully”. Train your child in the correct way and He shall not depart from it even when He grows up.

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