kiambu bursary bill

THE kiambu assembly set to approve a proposed county bursary bill. The bill seeks to help the poor, physically and mentally disabled in the county. The bill may become a model law as it has an amount totaling to eighty five per cent of the monies set aside for disbursement under the Act which shall be allocated equally to all the 60 Wards in the county. Speaking yesterday outside the county assembly in Kiambu education committee chairman in the assembly Joel waicere ward rep Kalimoni ward said that the proposal bill drafted by the county government through the committee on education was a different fund from the constituency development fund bursary as it has its own committee and will seek to eliminate the irregularities that are seen in the CDF bursary which is solely run by the Mp’s. “This is a good bill which has undergone scrutiny by the assembly committee on education and it has gone its second reading in the floor of the house without a hitch and it is not like the CDF bursary as we it seeks to form a committee in every ward which will scrutinize and vet eligible applicants,“ said Waicere. The county representatives all have to wait for the bill to be assented since it will empower those without resources but have the urge to study. Education in the county has been on the drop and it will raise the standard of education eradicating illiteracy one of the main goals of their vision. The county has about 1,135 Primary schools and 373 Secondary schools with a 291,765 enrolment in Primary schools and Teacher to Pupil Ratio of 1: 43 in Public Schools. Secondary has an enrolment of 73,831 students and a Teacher to Pupil Ratio of 1:20 in Public Schools. There are more than 15 Tertiary institutions all over the county including the famous Kiambu institute of Science and Technology KIST located near Kiambu town Adult Literacy Classes has an enrolment of over 9,337 people yearly.


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